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New- and need wool question

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I have an 18-month old son named Zak. We've done cloth diapers since he was 6 months- actually not by choice, he's allergic to disposable. It was pretty heartbreaking until we figured it out because it caused adhesions.

Anyway, he just outgrew his LANA medium wool cover. I only have a stacinator wool now, and we live in San DIego so it would be nice to have pretty soaker shorts for the summer. Who has these in stock and could send them to me fairly quickly. I want something breathtaking - thinking aqua blue / ocean themes.

Thanks so much! - I've been browsing for a few days and you seem like a wonderful community of Mamas.

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Welcome! I don't have an answer for you- I'm not patient enough to stalk and search for the 'perfect' diapers/covers/soakers!
Lucky for you there are tons of other mamas that will know exactly where to find one!!
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trySnoogie Snaps

She might have some or eBay. Some seller just posted a bunch of new ones for $25 BIN
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I don't know but some kinda mama here will fix you up with a link!

Welcome to cloth!
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I can't think of anything off the top of my head but I'm sure someone else will! lol How sad about the adhesions though, I'm so glad cloth is working for you!
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thanks for the welcome!!

Does anyone have any other ideas - snoogie snaps is not instock and I can only imagine it would take a while for a custom order to get here. I didn't see them on ebay either.


I don't have mine yet but I know most mamas who've tried them love their BJ Marketplace from Ebay and she does customs for a gret price. There were 2 or 3 threads about them here in the last week.
Try ebay! BJMarketplace! She had 49 in her ebay store yesterday!!!!!!!
Search ebay for soaker shorts, you'll find some really pretty stuff
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