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New blender/nut butters

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My blender is about to bite the dust; it can't even handle frozen banana chunks. I have a really good food processor, but it doesn't do smoothies well. I would also like to start making my own nut butters (with no added oil). So my question is, should I be able to make good nut butters in my food processor and just get a cheapy blender to make smoothies...or do I need a high-powered blender to get the job done? If you say blender, what kind do you recommend?! TIA
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I make nut butters in my food processor. The way I do it is to either dehydrate or toast the nuts to make sure they are warm and really dry, then let them run a looooooooooooong time in the processor until they finally release their oil and get liquidy sounding. If the nuts are moist, then they will never really turn into a good butter.
toraji, thanks for the tip! If I can make nut butters in my processor, then I should be ok to go with a "regular" blender for smoothies and pureeing soups, don't you think? I keep hearing about the VitaMix but with my great food processor, I thought it might be overkill (not to mention the price!). Thanks again!

So anyone have a fave low-priced blender?!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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