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New Braunfels, TX

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I've just moved to New Braunfels TX. Anyone else here...
Need good MD, any recomendations? A Mom/tot group maybe?
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I'm in SA, not NB, but I know they have just started an AP group there. Here is the post from the SA AP message board:

The next Attachment Parenting International monthly support group will be April 24 (tuesday) from 10-11am at the Family Birth Center in New Braunfels.

The topic is "remaining your child's primary attachment figure as they grow". In our society it is unfortunately the norm to push our children (sometimes without awareness) to attach to their peer group and detach from us-their parents, beginning as early as 18 months. We will look at the benefits of maintaining your role as primary attachment figure and how you can avoid your child becoming too peer oriented. We will of course have time for open discussion/burning issues too.

This group is open to all; those already practicing Attachment Parenting and those wanting to learn more about this parenting approach. Kids are definitely welcome.

Hope this helps!
Welcome to the area!
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Gabemom -

I'd liek to go to that meeting,
I live i nthe Medical Center but my IL's live in NB.... do you have the street address to the Family Birth Center so I can mapquest it?
I'll answer for Gabemom.
New Braunfels Family Birth Center
Phone: 830.708.4381
Mailing Address: 662 Comal Avenue
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Shelia is the API leader for this group. Her contact information can be found at the San Antonio API yahoo groups site. I will also PM you with her phone number.


ps: the NB meeting recently changed dates from the beginning to the end of the month. If you see conflicting info on when the meeting will be held, I recommend you check with Shelia to see for sure when people will be at the birth center
Have fun!
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I'm in San Marcos, about 20 minutes away. I think I'll go to that next API meeting. I hadn't heard that they started a group down there. Very cool! Maybe I'll see you there.
I plan on going to the Tuesday API meeting too, hope to meet you there...
looks liek I won;t be going.
i have to go downtown on Mon & get my girl's birth certs for a health ins. audit my DH's company is having.
yes, my oldest is 2 and I havn't gotton her birth certificate yet.
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There is a yahoo group called MomsofNB. You will find loads of info there.

Amber Clarkson
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