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My daughter Taylor is 3 weeks old as of yesterday. She already has her first diaper rash
. I know I changer her often (20+ diapers per day). At first I thought it was just a regular rash - but it wouldn't go away. I called her pedi to get a perscription, but they said just go buy lotramin (sp?) so I did. Well that was Wednesday - and today is Saturday and it DOESN'T LOOK ANY BETTER! So I plan on monday calling in to try again to get a perscription.

Around the house she is going coverless - with a CPF and we lay another CPF under her. Well that means I go thru them QUICK. I was already washing everyday!!! I have 36, but I am going to have to order another 18..... I know she should go naked too - it is just soooo scary! Everything is so explosive so naked is alot for me. However DH gave her some naked time last nite.

And I have some dipes in the wash now - I am sending them thru w/ some vinegar. But is there anything else I need to do to treat them? Is there yeast in her dipes? If so, how do I kill it??? Remember, I am new to cloth......

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