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Okay. We still can't get the baby to sleep in his new crib, but I have been nursing him down at night on the bed and surrounding him with pillows, and he stays asleep that way. We do stuff around the house, and then go to bed with him, and he sleeps very well, and so do we. This is an okay interim solution, but...I'm not crazy about the safety of the pillows on the bed thing. For a variety of reasons, we'd like to be able to use the crib the way we used our co-sleeper bassinet. Mainly safety, though.

a coworker suggested that we put some article of my clothing in the crib. She said that her son had trouble with the same transition, and that the familiar smell helped him cope with the unfamiliar bed.

Now my dh calls me at work. he's trying to put ds down for his nap. He won't nap. He won't nap in the crib, and now he also won't nap on the bed. My dh is freaking: this means 1) no work time during the day for him and 2) potentially a lot of trouble sleeping for ds at night. He needs those naps to be the sweet tempered baby of the world!

I told dh to lie down with the baby when he puts him down on the bed. Also told him to try the mommy's worn clothes idea. He gets ds to sleep mainly by walking him in the stroller and then cuddling him still asleep into the bed. Sometimes the baby will drift off over his bottle of breastmilk.

Any ideas? I know we could put the bassinet "mattress" (it's such a terrible mattress!) on the crib mattress and see whether that would help. We can't go to full time family bed if ds won't sleep in the bed during the day! Help help.
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