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Hi everybody,

My name's German and I'm from Argentina, although I travel regularly to Colorado for work.

The main reason I signed up to the forum is that in my last trip to Denver I bought some clothing at "Motherhood" store and I got several maternity-related gift cards for free with my purchase (and also an Avent bottle, but that's ok)

I don't recognize any of the brands and I also couldn't find them on the regular gift-card-trading sites, so i wanted to check if you know if these are for real.
I mean, I've got a $40 card but maybe these stores just give $40 off to everyone so the card is not really needed.

These are the ones I've got - all seem to be from the same group or company.
I'm willing to give them away for about half the price since I'm not likely to use them when I'm travelling to the US, but first I'd like to know that they are trusted to avoid any issues.

  • sevenslings - $40
  • uddercovers - $35
  • carseatcanopy - $50
  • nursingpillow - $40
  • babybooks - $40
  • babyleggings - $50
  • rufflebuns - $60
  • pregnancypillow - $50

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