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..okay so I'm horribly late in posting and she was almost a week early!

but, happily, our 2nd daughter Shayne was born on 4.3 and was an "accidental" home birth.

Compared to my 1st labor which was 22+ hours, Shayne took a mere 4 hours to arrive. By the time my contractions had any sort of pattern that was regular to them, I couldn't tell the start of one to the end of another. There was no way in hell I would have gotten in a car and if I had... giving birth in a RAV4 on a state highway = not my idea of fun!

Thankfully, my midwife made it to the house and she was born here at home in our bed. Not quite the waterbirth I'd hoped for, but I did labor -most- of the time in the tub. 2 contractions out of the tub and 3 pushes = hello baby.

Geez, where was all of that the first time around?

So, we are all doing just fine and I'm sending you all "easy" labor and speedy deliveries for those of you yet to "pop".

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