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New: Dental Wipes with Xylitol

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yo glori; i'm going to get some xylitol at my no-sugar store for low carb stuff anyway; you think wiping it on with a regular baby washcloth would be fine? (and not in place of brushing, lol, in addition.)

Alright! I'll try one of their free samples

And like you said, not to replace brushing but on the run and all. So, SM, sorbitol is the first ingredient. What's up with sorbitol? It's also in Tom's Goofy Grape non-flouride toothpaste. Have been meaning to research it more. Any quick thoughts?
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I am really hoping that Xylitol works for us. We have been getting our products from the Xylitol Store . We use the mints and the toothpaste and baby gel.

My only concern is that I have heard that taking in too much Xylitol can cause abdominal cramps and nausea. Is that really the case? If so how much is too much, especially for our toddlers?
My friend was visiting and experimenting with xylitol in making chocolate sweets. (She's watching her carb intake) Our local health food store has it for $8 a pound. Yikes! I tried some of her chocolate which was basicly cocoa and xylitol with some vanilla and a little milk and I did get the bloaty, gassy effect.....??? Still, in smaller amounts, I doubt its an issue. I'll check out that site now.

I wonder what your opinion is about my upcoming situation. My 9 yo ds is about to have an orthodontic appliance placed & we are approximating that he will have it for about 10-12 mos. I'm a little apprehensive about being able to keep everything clean enough since it's a non-removable appliance & so I was planning to make sure to use some sort of xylitol product as an extra decay prevention tool. What sort of product would you think would be the most effective in that situation?
BTW, my math wiz dh fixed my math error above, so recheck it to make sure you've got the right figures!

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Do you know of many places that carry it at a physical location? I just ordered a few tubes online from the place the Squigle site linked to but I wondered where else you could get it.
We just received our free sample of "Spiffies" in the mail today. Right on time! I was rushing out the door for an appointment this afternoon and strapping dd into her car seat when I realized that we hadn't brushed her teeth! Bingo! There's the mail carrier with the Spiffies. So dd thought they were awesome and totally fun that they came in the mail FOR her! And I could lighten my guilt a little for forgetting to brush after lunch.
I haven't tasted it yet.

Amnesiac, I'm not sure where you are, but maybe you could just ask your local store to carry whatever it is you need. We're on an island, so our store is good about doing that.

I'm going to order some of the Squiggle too. I'm happy about the no SLS factor and we are almost out of Tom's.
Smile, does toothpaste expire? Using so little, dd's tubes last forever!

As for the xylitol sweetened chocolate. It's possible that she used more than necessary. But it was GOOD! Like velvet! I'll have to check in with her and see how its going now.
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Just wanted to report that I did check the toothpastes at my little local shop & I did find a couple with xylitol in them but they didn't say how much & none were to my liking. I did get teh tubes I ordered online. I got them from the place the Squigle site links to. I ordered them Last Thursday & they arrived via priority mail on Monday so it was much faster then I expected too!
It's great, SM! Ds who's having the ortho is very particular about toothpaste flavor- he hates strong flavoring that's in most toothpastes. The Squigle flavor is very mild so he doesn't mind using it. It's smells very minty but only tastes slightly minty.
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