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new diaper and poops!

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what is it with new diapers and poop.
yesterday i was fairied a beautiful blue prefold and matching t and what happens 5 mins (or less) after i put it on, darling ds poops in it.
how do they know?,is it a marking territory ritual? why oh why. its happened b4 and im sure will happen again. buT WHY!!!!!!!
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LMAO, ds does the same thing!! He can sense something new and fluffy and decides then would be the time to poop.... Hahahaha!
Yep- dd just pooped in her her new (to us
) LHC we got off TP recently... and let's not even talk about wool! It's a no-fail cure for no poopy- especially if it's recently washed! (no blow-outs, but I always seem to accidently get a tiny bit of poop on it somewhere, which compells me to wash the whole cover!)
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It's a written law. All cd'd children must poop in new diapers!!
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So true...or else I'll kind of 'save' a really cute fitted for DS when I know someone's coming by, or specifically for when he's up for awhile so I can enjoy it (because I'm nuts) and then he'll poop within two minutes of it being on.
: I think it is a marking ritual.
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