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New Diaper Store. .

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I just won a charity auction for a hemp diaper from Little Lovies. Anyone know anything about them??
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I know the wahm who owns it but I have never tried her products, so guess I am no help there lol
No, but they look really yummy!
I'd love to try one of her recycled WIO's. Sounds interesting.
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Haven't tried them.. but its on my list now.
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I'll report back when I get the diaper and check it out. She's mailing it this afternoon from a neighboring state so it shouldn't take long to reach me!
OK, I've posted a lot of late about giving up my fitteds in favor of prefolds, but I just had to try this diaper out (heck, it was for charity). WOW... it's really nice and well made! Plus she included some great smelling sampler soaps in my order. Waiting for DS to wake from his nap to try it on for fit, but it looks promising!
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