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New Direction

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Well, here we are at the end of our birth story experience. I am thankful to have such a supportive group of women to walk with.

What I'm hearing from you is that you would like to see us focus on broader topics and share in all kinds of genres: poetry, prose, short story, fiction & non-fiction.

To that end, I am going to post the topic and leave it open for a week. If you have a topic idea or want to contribute to the "'assignment", please PM me with your ideas/contributions.

One thing I wanted to ask the group, and I've been a little afraid to do so, is whether or not you'd like to see me participate as a writing member. I have never held any pretenses about my writing experience. I see myself as a facilitator of this group, not as an expert. I would like to jump in and play but also understand that sometimes it's best for the faciliator to stand back and facilitate. I'm open to either. Please be honest.

This week we will be talking about abundance. I will post the assignment on Wednesday. Until then, explore what abundance means to you.

OH, I'm also going to post a thread for a call for writing submissions. I've gotten a few PM's about it.

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Jesse, I would love for you to participate in the writing part of the group, i wanna hear your voice

Can't wait until Wed.
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Jesse, I would love it if you would join in and share your writing with us!!
Looking forward to the assignment regarding abundance!
Blessings, all!
Jesse, I would also enjoy if you would jump in and write with us. Thank you for asking. Also, thank you for continuing to lead our group and for the new direction. I will do my best to keep up!
LOL. If ya don't mind someone on this board that hasn't written in eons and whose grammar has atrophied beyond recognition, then I sure don't mind someone who can actually write.

Feel free to contribute whatever ya want.

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Quaz, I would love to hear your voice too, mistakes and all. I type veerryy slloowwlly, so it takes me a while, esp after going back to make all of my grammar corrections LOL
BTW, I can't wait for the next assignment, i'm chomping at the bit. Looking foreward also to posting some of my latest poetry , dark stuff about mothering. I want also to hear some others stuff about the dark side of parenting. It would be theraputic (it has been for me)
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