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New Due Date-Two Weeks Later!

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Well, we had our ultrasound on Friday and everything looks great with Baby Boy. The only kicker is, my doctor moved my due date from 8/10 to 8/24!!! I am not too happy about this-I was hoping to be able to enjoy a little bit of my summer, but it looks like I'll be lucky to deliver by Labor Day (no pun intended-ha ha). Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone else had had a gross miscalculation in their dates like I did?? I can't beleive how off I was-I even knew the 1st day of last period for sure!

Thanks ladies-hope you're all well.
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Congrats on the baby boy!

My due dates have never been a prob, but I have a friend with 3 kids and for each one her due date changed at least 3 times. She never knew what to expect, except that sometime in a couple month time span she'd have a baby.
Well, DS was induced at exactly 40 weeks because my fluid was low, and my doc said she's going to closely monitor me past 36 weeks for the same problem. So who knows? I just felt a little silly because I thought I knew exactly when we'd conceived! Whups. I guess I won't know for sure now! Good to know that others aren't always sure...
Aaaaagh! Don't tell me this! I go in for my 20-week sonogram in something like 45 hours!

Breathe, breathe.

Any chance you didn't do a first-tri sono? I did, and babe measured spot-on. That should be more accurate than a twenty-week scan, right?


Um, silver lining, silver lining, there's got to be a silver lining around here somewhere....

Two more weeks of getting to use the "expectant mothers" parking spot?

<whimper, sob>
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No-I didn't have any ultrasounds or anything in the first trimester. My OB does the first one at 18-22 weeks depending on when your appt. falls. So don't worry-this didn't happen to me last time! Let us know how it works out.

So sorry-I didn't want to give you anxiety on what should be a fun and special day!

Originally Posted by radiogirlgr
So sorry-I didn't want to give you anxiety on what should be a fun and special day!
Ah, I'll survive. Truly, as long as the scan shows AGAIN that there's just one babe in there, I won't mind a due date change (too much). For some reason, I'm just really, really worried about twins, even though we've already been told once it's not happening.

What's funny is that I've been pretty much ignoring the particular August date, because I know there's such a slim chance of a baby being born on it's due date. But for some reason, the thought it might slip into September sent me over the edge temporarily! But I'm back now (I think!

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Not trying to butt in on your DDC but The rule of thumb is to ALWAYS go by the date you got from counting the days since your last cycle. ALL others are going to be skewed due to measurement etc.
I'd continue to go by your own calculations. Dating by a second trimester ultrasound is usually off.

- Krista
I can't help but agree! I KNOW that the 1st day of my last period was November 3, and that I was supposed to ovulate between the 15-18th of November. Well, we were like rabbits and did it each day in that window and took a break before and after. I don't recall how much we did it before or after that window, but I was pregnant as of the 2nd week of December-when I got my BFP. So that puts baby due squarely on August 10. Now, Doc said that the baby and my uterus are measuring 19 weeks and not 21. I keep going over it and over it in my head and can't figure out when else I would have conceived, unless I ovulated really, really late. Not everyone 'measures' the same size at the same time, so I might be inclined to privately hold on to that date of August 10.

Originally Posted by radiogirlgr
Now, Doc said that the baby and my uterus are measuring 19 weeks and not 21.
I measured small with both my boys, and they ended up huge by the end. Even though I feel huge this time around, I'm measuring right on. I think some of us just grow differently, or have a different shaped uterus or one that is tilted one way or the other. My midwife says it's normal to go 2cm either way without suspecting that the due date is off or that something is wrong.
Regardless, I'd rather have someone tell me a later date than an earlier date, so that I wouldn't have to worry about being too "overdue" that way.

- Krista
Yeah like veganf said 2nd tri u/s are very good for dating. Also I measured "small" for my dd several times, she ended up being 9lbs 19 3/4"
I had my us at what was I thought was 19 weeks, and they measured me at 17.5 in the us, moving my dd to aug 19 from the 8th. This happened with dd as well, we measured 2 weeks smaller at the us than what we thought we were. My dh and I have always thought we were due the 12th based on when we thought I o'd. DD was born exactly 2 weeks after her adjusted due date. So you just will never know.
The further along you are, the less accurate the due dates from u/s are.
I knew the conception date, so using that I was "due" 12/16.
The u/s's said:
at 7 weeks my EDD was 12/18
at 23 weeks my EDD was 12/25
at 39 weeks my EDD was 1/15!
I went into labor on my own on 12/14.
I'd just keep going by your original calculations and take comfort that if you go "overdue" you have that extra 2 weeks you won't be getting any pressure to induce. And if you do get that 2 weeks of summer to enjoy them! I'll prolly still be waiting for baby. I'm due 8/29.
At 7 weeks my doctor said my due date was 8/29 although it should be 8/23 according to my LMP.
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