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New Firm With Bush Ties Consults on Iraq

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Wow. You gotta at least give Dubya's posse credit for having brass balls:
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Holy sh!t. Then again, as this administration is proving in Iraq, why buy the president with contributions and the like when you can simply install your own person?

Thanks, RD, for the link. I'd not yet seen that story.
So not surprised.

Mr. Howland said the company was not trying to promote its political connections. He said that although Mr. Allbaugh, for example, had spent most of his career "in the political arena, there's a lot of cross-pollination between that world and the one that exists in Iraq today."
BWHAHAHAHAHA!! How funny! He will go far as a comedian.
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solid brass ones.

waiting for others to post how this is a good thing. I love fiction.
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