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New guy (am I allowed?)

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Howdy folks,
I'm a father of 1.5 wonderful kids. One still in the oven so to speak. I'm currently a stay at home Dad with a special needs son and thought that I might find some good ideas on these forums. I checked out some forums for Dads, but fishing and hunting tips just didn't seem to apply...

Hope to learn more and put some good techniques, tips and procedures into practice.

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Well now I don't feel so alone. Another male joining shortly after me. I get to do the "house dad" thing too. I am usually on late at night after I finish my work on the computer. I do get to be online for a few during naptime as well.

Glad to see you here.


We have quite a few guys here, most of them are pretty forum specific, but you'll find them if you look around.

Happy to have you here!!

Happy posting!

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Welcome a"board" papa!
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