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I'm having CD info DS is 4 months and I thought about CD before he was born but didn't have the $$. Now I'm browsing ebay, is that a good place to get CD? Right now I'd just like to get a couple diapers to try out and see if we like them. AIO's with snaps are a must if I want DH's help with diaper changes (he'd have no patience for pins) but I'm also curious as to how prefolds work...are those the ones you get at the dept stores? That most people use as burp rags? What do you use for soakers? Do I have to buy them somewhere? How much can I look to spend for a stash of diapers? How many diapers do I need? What are good brands? I just bid on Little Lambs off ebay, are those good? Any help would be wonderful! I'm soooo confused!
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Deep breath!!
It can be very confusing. I'd suggest by starting to read the diapering tutorial here at mdc and another good overview is here .

No need for pins, that's what a snappi is for! If you really don't know what you're looking for, then I suggest a diaper package from a few different places like Natural Babies or Kelly's Closet.

IMO, ebay isn't the place to start until you have a feel for what you want to try and what retail prices are on things.

Prefolds - Nope, you're going to want to buy prefolds online. The ones in the dept stores generally aren't absorbant enough.

You can get started diapering for very little ($100 or so) if you use prefolds and covers all the way on up to thousands if you get into hyena items.

Good luck!
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definitely read reviews and tutorials - if you want some awesome prefold info, check out Diaper Pages IMO, prefolds are the way to start, especially if you are looking to do it cheaply. You might invest in some pockets - which you can stuff with your prefolds. Those you can get with snapping or velcro closures so dh can help - unless he's like mine and insists on easy diapers to use, yet somehow never changes a diaper

I would say you should have about 2 dozen diapers, that should allow you to wash every other day, as for Little Lambs - read the reviews in the diapering reviews forum. They don't work for me, every one I had wicked and leaked.

Starting out is very confusing and quite overwhelming - don't get frustrated, ask any questions you have and the nice ladies here will help you. Good luck on your cloth diapering journey!
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You've already gotten some really good advice. I just wanted to add my two cents. If cost is an issue, definitely get prefolds, & buy them online, the ones you find in stores are worthless as dipes. If you do decide to invest in a few pockets, why not try Fuzzi Bunz? You can stuff them with your prefolds, and if they don't work for you, resell them - they have a pretty good resale value. I'd stay away from ebay - you can find some good deals, but you can also get screwed. Try diaperpin or orangestarfish.

Thank-you all for the tips! We've been doing 'sposies since birth, but I'm getting sooo excited about using cloth. DH is okay with it, but it's going to take lots of coaching, and I'll probably end up doing 99.9% of the diaper opposed to the 99.5% I do now...LOL. Again, thank-you all so much for your help...I'll probably have to post alot till I get the hang of this
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Check out my web site for a cloth diapering introduction. (in my signature)

Also, more specifically,

Here are some good, inexpensive AIOs with snaps: All Together Deluxe

And here are some more expensive, but nicer, AIOs with snaps: Bum-Ware

You may also be interested in trying pocket diapers:

Fuzzi Bunz
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