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Hi Everybody!

I'm Jessy, 26 year old WAHM to Rylie (fast approaching 4) and Ronin (six months). I'm sure I know some of you from LJ parenting communities, but I decided it was time to branch out and make new friends!

Let's see . . . Rylie was breastfed for three years and self-weaned during my pregnancy with her brother. I am hoping he will nurse at least that long, hopefully a bit longer (I figure it's good for him and my family history of breast cancer isn't great so every little bit helps). I make our baby-food, started cloth diapering when my son was born (and really feel like I missed out not doing it with my daughter), don't circ, selectively vax, etc etc. Probably pretty common stuff for this group!

I am currently unschooling my daughter (does it count if she does workbooks because she likes them? heh) and wish I could continue forever, but my partner is opposed to the idea so she will likely end up in school eventually. I'll never count on the school to teach my kids, though, as I feel very strongly that that is my job.

I work as a writer for a company that does all kinds of work -- some "adult" topics, some general stuff, and I enjoy that my job is a mix of everything AND that it allows me to work at home most days and bring my son when I do go into the office once a week.

Oh, and in addition to the two kids and the boyfriend (Mike), I also have one cat, four goats, and a sheep named Fiona.

That's probably more than you wanted to know about me, and I suck at intros anway, so here I am.

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Jessy1019, Welcome to MDC!

You didn't do bad at all in the intro. Just enough info to keep us guessing! J/k, you did great.

Hope to see you around.
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