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New Here Due Nov

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Hi girls my name is Luisa and I'm 22 yo. I have a 9 month old daughter named Penelope. She was born at the hospital, pitosin induced labor, no pain meds, very bad hospital experience. This time I'm going for an unassisted homebirth. My husband and my mom support me but they are still a little worried, It's funny how I'm the one who is giving birth and I'm actually not worried at all, actually I feel really confortable and exited about the idea. I figure if my grandma gave birth to 4 babies at home I can do it to.
Good Luck to all
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Welcome!!!! I'm twenty-three, so I'm not much older than you. I also have in-laws down in Jacksonville. In fact, my brother-in-law just officially retired from the military (medical reason). Hope you find everything you need here!
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Hi there & welcome!
I'm due in Dec. Glad to hear you're planning a birth that you feel so comfortable with!
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