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My name is Amanda. I am 27 years old and new to this site. My friend turned me on to it and so far I have read a lot of great things from others. I do not exactly understand all of the terminology or acronyms used here but I imagine I will. I am a mother of a wonderful 5 year old, a wife, an Army veteran, a Nurse, a full time student studying sports Medicine and an athlete. I am also trying to have another child. Years ago I was told I had annovulation but it was due to weight gain. I have since lost a considerable amount of weight, a year ago, and had started to have regular cycles but that has since dissapeared. I had surgery in Jan to find out if I did in fact have endometriosis. I do. I have endometriosis and poly cystic ovary syndrome. My uterus is covered in scarring, adhesions, lesions and cysts covers my ovaries. My OB scraped my insides as well as around my ovaries but of course this will not solve the problem. I was given hormones to try and stimulate a period to see if I can infact release an egg on my own. so far no period and the hormones are over. I will see what happens from here, OB on vacation for month of June. He has of course mentioned Clomid, but would like me to have a period first. We will see how this goes. I just recently starting the ovulation charts to see how I can monitor anything, I used to just make notes in my day planner. I have pain on a regular basis which kind of sucks since I am a very active and energetic person. This has been a bit of an emotional time for me. My two sisters are both pregnant and so is a good friend of mine. They are all due within two weeks of eachother. Very strange how that turned out. My husband and I wanted more kids but we were thinking things had to planned. I was always ready antime he said he was but I never pushed him. My doctor has said that I may only have a couple years left of baby having time, and that I may never have one without his help. I am trying to remain positive. I have even planned out a money fund just for this, in case its a girl (I have everything for a boy). I figure since I may have years of trying to get pregnant, so I'm told, I may as well save. So we had fun my son and I decorating a shoe box together for my monies.
My son makes my heart melt all the time, he wants a brother or sister so bad. He has for two years. He doesn't stop talking about it. When my husband I decided to start trying he even told school I was pregnant. Bless his heart. We talk to him a lot and he knows all about babies, their growth, how they are made (minus the sex). I try to keep him in the loop and educated. I do not like how school tells him we are hatched from eggs, I brought this up with his teacher and she had to go look at her plans to realize I was right, they did tell them that. He loves to learn and I think its wonderful to teach them. Anyway, I realize this is an abundance of information about me. I guess I just got it all out, hopefully there is someone out there who responds who didn't mind the length and also understands me. I want another child, but I do not what the "want" to consume me. I want this time around to be beautiful and memorable. Last time I was still active duty in the military and time went so fast and I worked from 530 in the morning to 630 at night. It was fast, exhausting and no time to relish in the beauty of everything. I recently bought Ina May Gaskins books: The guide to breastfeeding, guide to childbirth, and her newest Birth Matters. She is a wonderful lady to me and her MidWife adventures to me are so inspiring. I can't wait to cry and laugh and feel illuminated after reading these books. Anyway, I just went off on a tangent again. Thank you for reading and listening. i hope to make connections with people, perhaps lifelong ones. Oh also I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Not for very much longer but for now, and since 2002.

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