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New here....just a hello

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Hello ladies...I'm new here, but not to MDC. I usually frequent the cd and wahm boards.

My name is Amber, and I live in Arizona. I hope this is the right forum for me. I am *planning* on being a mother soon, but my body has other things in mind. I have endometriosis, adenomyosis and just have been recently diagnosed with PCOS. I don't know if you all are familiar with these or not.

Anyway, because of these, I've been living in lots of pain, for the last 10 years. Well, I have been newly married, just over a year, and we found out that the reason we aren't getting preggy is because I am not ovulating. Also, because of the adenomyosis(scarring inside the uterus) I am at high risk for miscarriage IF I do ovulate.

Anyway, I hope this is the right place, and that I will be able to find some support. It's a stressful thing to be told that you can't bear children, and that you might not ever. I'm hopeful, and the battle is far from over. But it's a hard bit to swallow none the less.

Thanks for letting me ramble..LOL

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Hi Amber,
I would welcome you, but since I'm just a lurker here myself, that doesn't seem quite right to me. I did want to respond and let you know that I have PCOS as well. We have one DD who is now 32 months old. We would love another one but with the PCOS and still nursing, I don't have much hope for anything soon without invervention.
Just to give you a little background, Carrie was conceived on a cycle where I had taken Clomid, but been told after several intravaginal exams that I would not be ovulating and the cycle was a bust. Our dr. referred us to an IVF clinic and we had already filled out the paperwork and were waiting for an appointment when I heard a little inner voice tell me to take a HPT. Imagine our amazement when the faintest of lines appeared!! I needed progesterone support for over 4 months, and there was some scary spotting, but we got our baby.
I don't know what your situation is concerning medication, but a promising treatment that was just becoming the norm 3-4 years ago when I was ttc is the use of the drug Metformin. Many with PCOS are also insulin resistant, and the drug address that and can cause ovulation to occur spontaneously. The thereputic dose is 1500 mg per day. My dr. prescribed it for me this summer, and I can take it while nursing, but I have not really been faithful with taking it like I should. All the research does indicate is has a good success rate of ovulation, higher than Clomid alone. Also women who don't respond to one or the other sometimes will in combination.
Anyway Amber, I just wanted to let you know I can relate to your situation and I hope you have a sweet baby on the way soon. Feel free to pm me.
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Hi Amber,

How come I never know how to greet people here and in the loss board. I want to say welcome, on the other hand I wish none of us needed to be here ya know?

I hope your stay is short and that you graduate to the pg board asap!
*lol*...I totally understand. I've met a few people on other boards and you want to welcome them because they found the board...but then it's not a GOOD thing. *LOL* Thank you, though. I'm glad I found a place I can post and chat. And
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I hope that you find support and perhaps a path to some answers here.
Sounds like you are seeing a medical practitioner, did she/he offer any advice on how you could successfully have a child?
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Hi Amber ~ Welcome!

I have PCOS too, and was diagnosed about 2 1/2 years ago. I have still never conceived naturally and have one 17 month old ds through adoption. I'm taking metformin to try to help regulate my hormone levels right now, but it isn't working. I may try Atkins diet to break my sugar addiction and try to get my weight under control, graduating to a more healthy balance of eating once I accomplish both those goals. I also utilize a few herbs in my healing. Right now, our focus is on adopting another child, then after that we plan to focus more on conceiving.

Anyway, welcome. I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
Well, yes I am seeing a doctor. Basically I'm a little unsatisfied so far. They gave me Metformin and Avandia to take, saying it will regulate my insulin and hopefully help me to start ovulating. It's been 2 months, haven't lost a single pound, actually gained a lb, and haven't ovulated.

I wish I could sit down with my docs and get everthing put together. They say I have endo, but it's "not bad"...and they tell me I have adeno in my uterus, but don't tell me how widespread. And that I have PCOS, but don't know how bad the cysts are....I feel like I am being kept in the dark. I don't know if I am in bad shape and will never have kids, or if I will be fine, or I will need something like Clomid or IVF...or if I will have to adopt.....I'm kinda frustrated. I keep asking and keep getting vague answers. I am thinking about switching docs and am getting a second opinion in a couple weeks.

I'm just really tired of doctor visits, and medications and such, and honestly, I'm in the same boat I was to begin with only worse.

I wish I could just ask for a hyster but dh won't have it. *LOL*

I would be happy adopting, and I admit I would love more than anything to bear children on my own, but I guess we'll see. I don't even know if I will be with dh much longer, but that's a whole other story.*sigh*

When it rains it definitely pours.
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I'm so sorry for your difficulties. I will definitely pray that you find answers soon. The being in the dark is definitely the most difficult. I have secondary infertility. We have been trying for 7 months now and nothing nada. I'll be scheduling another appt with my RE after the first of the year. I've decided to take a break for a while. Thank you for looking at my site earlier on the cbc. I looked at yours earlier too. How are you doing with that? Anyway hugs for you and dh as well. Good luck and God Bless.

BTW I had scar tissue on the outside of my uterus probably not even close to the same and lost 5 babies due to that and lack of progesterone. So take your time and try to let the drs figure out all the issues so you don't have to experience the mcs yourself.
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Thanks Dina, I'm definitely praying. Some good news, the docs said they think I am ovulating again, we are hoping that we have some luck this go round, but once again, it's all in His time.

*hugs* I'll be praying for you also, losing, I can only imagine how difficult and heartbreaking that must have been. I'm here for ya!

And yes, I thought your site came out terrific!

Hi Amber- I think I remember you from the IDOB boards? Are you the same sweetladyaz?
The one and only Sweet Lady from!

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