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New here, new to cd and need help please!

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I have a 9 month old son that I just started cding in the last month or so. He is a super heavy wetter overnight.

I tried one night a sposie and he slept soooo much better. Problem was that he leaked about 6 am so that is no good!

Well I thought it was either the bulk or the humidity causing him to feel damp that was waking him up. I usually use a FB stuffed with a couple MOE inserts or a sherpa insert. So last night I tried an all hemp fitted diaper (Quick dry Sugar Plum Baby) with a hemp trifold with a fleece topped doubler and even more fleece on top to help him feel dry. All topped with an Aristocrat soaker.

He slept like crap! This morning the entire diaper was soaked! Like dripping wet...

I do not know what to do, what to try! A sposie leaks and plus I really do not want to use them and dh would freak if I had to use them at night after spending money on cds. But they leak anyway so what would even be the point.

As far as cloth...I need him to feel dry and sleep. Seems like this is impossible. In order to sleep he must be dry and comfy and he cannot be comfy with all that stuff stuffed into a diaper but he cannot be dry without it.

I am going crazy over here and I really, really miss sleep as I am sure that he does. Any suggestions at all? I thought about changing him in the middle of the night but that would wake him up and he would do not wake this boy up! LOL

I have tried JB's before, up to 3 at night and I did not like them near as much as a MOE even.
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I don't have any wool, but I have heard that wool is the best for night. I made up my own night time diaper after going through months of a soaking wet bed. I made hemp fleece soakers with three layers of hemp fleece each. I use three of them plus a fleece topped hemp soaker that I already had with the shell of a Little Lambs front snap AIO. I have found that if I use a side snap he always leaks. Also if a use a diaper with a cotton print on the outside he leaks. I don't have any FB, but I have heard they are very bulky. Sometimes if you put too much into a bulky diaper it makes the legs not be tight enough and they leak right out the sides. Good Luck, it is something I struggled with for about 6 months before finding the right solution.
i have never tried one but has a night aio pocket thats breathable. (sp?) 13.00 or 5 /50.00
If the fb were working and you like them you could get a couple hemparoo prefolds to stuff them with. I know of a few mamas who swear by these with their heavy wetters.
How soon is he drinking something before he goes to bed? We have more problems w/ my daughter if she has something to drink right before she goes to sleep than if it is an hour before she goes to bed. I know it's not easy to change that pattern, though (we're just starting to make some headway there)-- it takes time if they want to nurse/have a bottle right before bed.

Maybe try not stuffing w/ as much, find a trimmer option w/ the soaking power (I know it's hard... I have a heavy wetter too and it's very frustrating 'cause she wakes up at night a lot). I used a Nessa's Nappies last night and it is much trimmer but still absorbed tons... it has a hemp soaker in it that snaps in (quick dry AIO). I think if I need more absorbancy to it for some reason, I would add a second soaker to it (they are topped in velor which works similar to the fleece). Then you have all those layers of hemp, but it's not so many layers that it would cause gaps in the diaper to leak. That tends to be my biggest issue w/ the diapers-- they get so full that if there is any gap in the diaper, it leaks right out the side. You want it to fit snug in the waist and the legs both.
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