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hello i am new to this group. My ds is 7 wks old and intact. I was wondering is it normal for the tip of his penis to be slighty red? TIA
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Yes it is. The foreskin is very vascular like the lips. For some boys the tip can go from red to not red in a days time depending on skin color. A bit of diaper irritation can do it to. You can always dab a bit of barrier cream on the tip at diaper changes just in case.

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Congrats on your little new one! I'd vote yes, it can be very normal. My son is almost 5 and the tip of his foreskin is almost always pinker/redder than the rest of it. Totally normal for him.

When he was 2 and had a yeast infection with swelling (lots of it that happened overnight, ack!) and discharge we could tell what wasn't normal for him.

I think so much of it depends on your skin type and skin tones.
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Congratulations on your new baby boy!

I think what you are seeing is very normal as others have explained.

I hope you continue to participate here with us!
As others have said, it's pretty normal and probably just needs a bit of diaper cream. Occassional diaper free time to air out is also a good idea.

Make sure no one tries to retract (pull back on) his foreskin while cleaning him, or at DR visits. If it has poopy on it just wipe it like a finger from bae towards the tip. If it's very messy, pop hin in a bath.
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