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Hi there. Jmunch (Meg) has been trying to get me to come join for a while, now. I've just recently started using cloth with our 9 month old. I was trying to deny my obsession. But, well, who can NOT be obsessed once they get their hands on a bubbly cloth covered tush?

I have found that I love fuzzy bunz the best. My husband, reluctantly admits he likes the bummis prints that we have. I've recently gotten brave and given up my Dy-dee deliveries and ordered my own unbleached prefolds. We depend mostly on Prefolds and Hemparoo Babykicks as stuffers for FB and HH. I have a few fitteds, but I'm yet to decide how I feel about them, exactly.

I've recently listed a bunch of stuff on e-bay in hopes of cleaning out stuff that I'm not crazy about (proraps, bumkins, litewraps, etc) in hopes of expanding my collection. I'm sure y'all will help me with ideas for more fun covers and stuff. Hehehe.

Just wanted to make an introduction so that you know who I am when I actually have questions.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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