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Hmmmm....we recently made the decision to switch to cloth diapers and while I was at another site talking with a mom who currently cloth diapers, she mentioned EC. I went ahead and read about starting with older children. I guess I had already kinda started doing a process similar without even knowing the name for it. Whenever I notice my son, Jonathan, who is 15 months squatting, I take him in to the potty. He refuses to do anything in there, but I always try to get him in there and allow him to sit there until he either fusses or squirms to get down. I figure that even if he doesn't go poo on the potty right now, he will still get the idea that the potty is where the poo goes. We are in the process of getting ready to move right now, so once we move, I will be allowing him to go diaper-free all the time. I am also considering buying a new potty chair for him. My older son's potty was one that we got rid of after he learned to use the toilet. I think that getting a place for Jonathan to potty that isn't so tall will help him to be more comfortable. He does go into the bathroom with his big brother (who is almost four) and he'll stand next to him and watch. He laughs when older son's stream hits the water because of the sound. But as long as he thinks it is a funny thing, that is good right? Funny is good. Anyhow, we plan to switch to cloth as soon as I get my dipes in that I have ordered and then after we move, we are going to go dipe-free during the daytime.


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