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Hi there.

Erm... who am I?

I'm Sophia, mom to Siddalee (almost 4 months) and wife to Lee for almost 10 years. I'm a social worker for people living with HIV and AIDS.

As a mommy I:

breastfeed as much as possible (I have uncorrectable thyroid issues casuing supply problems)
cloth diaper (love kissaluvs, but they are a bit short in the rise and I wish more dipes were made with that washcloth like material!)
co-sleep (now that my baby has decided the anything other than the swing is acceptable. Yay!)
baby-wear (though boy does she like the Bjorn better than the sling! Maybe she'll like the sling better once I can use it to support her on my hip. She wants to look *out* at the world)

and most importantly, I practice radical acceptance of all loving parent's decicions. I think judging other mommies and nitpicking thier choices is utter bs. Love you kids, don't abuse them, all else is negotiable. I don't claim to have all the answers or even to be sure I'm right about anything. I figure I'm here to love and support other mommies in supporting thier kids and I hope to find the same.
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Hope you love it here!!
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Welcome to the boards

Have you tried the facing out position with the sling?i think it is called kangaroo,i'm not put the babies legs in 'sitting indian' position and scoop them in.i think they have directions on it took me a while to get used to it but Griff loved it,
Wife to Dominic

Mama to Issi
& Griffin
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Welcome to MDC!
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My babies loved the "kangaroo". I lay them on their tummy over my arm, hold the sling open with the other arm, lean the back to my chest and cross the legs!!! Shopping and cleaning are much easier!!!

Welcome!!! I like your philosophy of acceptance! Nice to meet ya!
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