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Hello all! I've lurked here a little before, now I'm feeling like a little posting would be a good idea - so here I go. I do know a few folks who post in here so howdy to you all!

As for me I'm a soon to be 30 year old mom-by-proxy or step mom (or what have you) to 4 kids, one 14yo girl, one 12 yo girl, one 5 yo boy and one 3yo girl (all are with us varied amounts of time). Own our own business with my partner, Mr Toona... I am a feminist, witch (though I'm still in the early stages of that) hopeful writer (if I can get out of the office more often) and have a BS in Biology which I hope to again use someday. Every on again off again I consider having my own kid, but I'm really not certain about that - and for now we're kept busy enough! Glad to see a forum here for step families and/or blended families - did I mention that we're a big racial mix in my house - I'm white, he's black, his kids are 2 black/white 2 black/[email protected]

I guess that's a good intro for now.
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