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Hi Mamas and Mamas-to-Be,

I just stumbled over here - I didn't know MDC had due date threads! I am pretty active on LiveJournal, and with my first child my community was a little too "much" for me.

I'm Anna, 26 years old, Wife to Rich, Mom to Rachel, and we're adding two more to our family in May! Yup, two... what a shocker, huh!? We believe they are identical twins at this point.

Rach was a C-Section delivery after about 20 hours of natural labor and 9 more pf pitocin/epidural labor. She was huge at 9 and a half pounds! I am hoping to deliver with a natural waterbirth this time.

I've been reading through threads... looking forward to getting to know you all as the next several months pass, and can't wait to see all your babies!
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