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I've finally decided to give in and "join up" with a due date club even though I'm terrible at keeping up.

My name is Ruth, I'm married to Jonno and we are the parents of Malachi, who turns 1 in about a week. We are expecting our second child at the end of October.

Malachi was born at home and I don't want it any other way for this baby...we'll see how it goes, though, because at this point we aren't clear where we'll be living at the time of birth.
(Long story! We are going over to the USA--where I'm from--for a few months and then coming back to Australia and basically starting from scratch.) Midwives don't seem to be very plentiful. I'm secretly entertaining the idea of going unassisted but I think it'd be a bit of a journey to get both myself and my husband on board for that. We'll see.

I'm breastfeeding Malachi and thus far it has almost been nursing as normal despite being pregnant. (A bit sore at latch on but nothing I can't handle.) My supply seems to be maintaining itself well, too. Just wondering, though, for those of you who have BTDT, what was your first sign that you were (if you did) losing your supply? I guess I'm just a bit worried that I could have a drop and not know it and have it negatively effect my son...he nurses a LOT still (and that's fine with me). He is still having wet/pooey nappies and I still feel my letdown and hear him swallowing (and can still squirt milk
) so at this point, as I said, I'm not concerned. I just don't want to be unaware of what is going on, I guess. I know people talk about taking More Milk Too and whatnot but as far as I know I can't get that here...

Otherwise this pregnancy has been easier than the last one. And the last one wasn't all that bad. I have rarely been actually nauseous although I do have food aversions and smell issues.
I am around 10 weeks now, I think. I have lost some weight but I'm not really concerned about that since the same thing happened last time around. I am trying to be aware that my body is nurturing two little ones what with breastfeeding and being pregnant so am trying to eat well and enough. It seems like I eat like a horse, I am so ravenous!

Ok, well, I hope that was an all right intro...looking forward to reading around here whenever I get the chance.
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Welcome Ruth! I'm glad you decided to join us! I look forward to getting to know you whenever you get some time to visit the boards!

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Welcome Ruth!

I love your son's name & congratulations on your little one coming in the fall.
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Where is Oz do you live? I went to school at Edith Cowan Uni for a term and circumnavigated the continent visiting each of the large cities!
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Welcome! It is nice to get to know you and have you on the board
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