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New Here!

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I just tested positive today!!! My due date is December 13 (the day after my DSS's birthday and the day before my mom's birthday. I swear only I could have that happen, rofl). I will be having a repeat C-section so it will probably be a bit earlier than that.

I don't have any symptoms, but I do have a yucky cold! We are taking DSS to Washington DC for Spring Break on the 15th. Does anyone know if Airborne is ok while pregnant? I ALWAYS get sick on planes and it's going to seriously annoy me to get another cold so soon after this one.

Other than that, OMG YAY! And HI! I am excited to get to know all of you!
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COngratulations Nonie! I think I remember you from The One Thread. Welcome to the DDC. This new babe is due a week after DS's bday. I swear we have certain times of the year when we are fertile and tend to have successful pregnancys. Weird.
Welcome, Nonie! Congrats on your pg, too!! My first two babies have birthday's on the 26th & 27th of Aug & my third just 2 weeks later (well that & a few years between them all

I'm not sure about Airborne during pg. I'll have to look up the ingredients, but I think there's just a bunch of herbs in it, along with preservatives & sugars. If it were me, I'd just take some immune system boosting herbs & alot of Vit.C to keep the germies at bay. Also, use the hand sanitizer alot when at the airport & in the plane. Good luck!

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NONIE!!!!! OK so I totally didn't even know until like 4 minutes ago when I read it on The One Thread that you were PREGNANT!!!!!!


Guess what... I am too! And I'm due December 18th!
I've got to call my doctors office on Monday and set up my intake appointment... I couldn't believe it! The pics are in my chart check them out! And I tested with a CBE Digital which I've heard you can't use until later and it gave me the pregnant sign also! DH is beyond excited... he keeps touching my belly....
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