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New June thread!!

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Just starting the new thread for us! Hopefully I will be able to keep up better this week...

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing Sunday!
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Happy Sunday everyone!

I had some major baby time yesterday, it was wonderful! Spent a while with some friends and their 7 mo, then spent several hours with a group of girlfriends, one having a 18 mo, the other with a 6 mo, they were all so cute and fun! And I just love it when babies like me! Super baby energy in my life these days with baby visits, the kitten and we just got 6 chicks yesterday. We have 2 adult chickens and have been planning on adding to the flock, and the chicks just came in yesterday. No more additions to the family until September!

I can't believe how incredibly busy my life has become lately! I am trying to get all my chores/projects/visits taken care of while I have this energy. My firends are planning a shower for us, so I have to get to work on my registry.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekends and the weather is gorgeous where you are too!

Jen, have lots of fun at camp!
Sheryl, what fun!

Not much time to post but wanted to subscribe to the thread...


Where are you registering at? Online or in a local store?

A friend of mine has asked me to register, but I want things from so many different places - local stores and online stores - that I havent done it yet...

That will be fun to have a shower!
I bought baby booties today.

I threw out all the baby stuff except for the special things I'm keeping from each, when we moved last year. If we didn't need it, right then or within 6 months, it was getting tossed, not packed!

So, now I need everything all over again! I still feel like I have a lot of time, but I have to start somewhere, and goodness knows those little booties and socks get lost so quickly, I better stock up.

Meanwhile, all the baby boy stuff was so STUPID!

Little baseball themes, cars, trucks, etc. So, no clothes on this trip. Kohl's is lame.
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Cheryl & Lynsay - Just a thought for your shower registry. . . A friend of mine wanted things from different places (CDS, slings, etc-). Another friend (A) of ours offered to "keep" her registry. They worked on it together, compiling web site addresses, what she wanted from each vendor etc-. Her invites stated that A had the registry info. We all contacted A who gave us the list and we would call/email her to let her know what we wanted to purchase, she made sure there were not duplicates. It worked really well and my friend got almost everything on her want list including all the WAHM and 'AP' stuff you can't get at Babys R Us. -Kara
Does that make any sense???? I'm really tired,sorry.
Hey all,

Your favorite bleary-eyed camp counselor checking in... the kids arrive today, around 45 7-11 year olds, so not a really high stress group considering we have nearly as many counselors. But I have work to do and I can't get it done because I can't get the lists that I need to do it - maybe I need to get nosy and just go start poking around the office for the lists.

It is deliciously cool up here and I'm pleased to not be so hot for a little while, at least.

It's nice seeing everyone again but there is one counselor who is always going for my belly to rub it and I had to restrict her to two belly rubs a day because I was just starting to get sick of the constant petting. Oh, and my two colleagues who are my good friends (Laura and Robin, you know) keep teasing me about my forgetting everything, which actually is starting to feel a little hurtful. I don't like the fact that I only seem to have half a brain, and they think it's funny. I know *why* I have half a brain, but instead of shrugging it off, or saying "it's ok", they make jokes about it. Guess I either have to toughen up or say something about it... we'll see how today goes.

Breakfast is in 20 short minutes and I'm ready for it!!

I'll try to check in tonight or tomorrow.

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Plantmommy, I bought baby booties this weekend too! Good baby booties are hard to find, so when I run across some I snatch them up.

Argh, I know what you mean about the boy stuff. My family knows now not to get anything with sports themes, vehicles, or cartoons emblazoned on the fronts.
I second how hard it is to find cute boy stuff. I do like a lot of the Carter's baby stuff, plus we have an outlet really near to us. It just seems to get harder as they grow... I registered at Earth Baby and Baby Mine Store I think you can just type in my name if you want to see the cute stuff! Only I would register for laundry detergent - but I sure do love Biokleen! I figure not everybody is going to order me something, but I decided not to register locally, cause I really don't need any of that type of stuff.
Just thought I'd pop in and say hi.
I got to go to the Hanna Andersson outlet yesterday! *bounces* Of course, I spent too much and now I feel a bit guilty about that.... I finally signed up for childbirth classes. The nurse will come to our house for them, hurray! And we're able to do them on the weekends, which is a big relief. We've been really trying to get stuff done on the house, not that I'm much help with most of the stuff. Discovered that our roof is leaking in the's always something, isn't it? I've been so tired lately. And achey. I just kind of ache all over...and I've been so clumsy.
Busy busy me lately! Urk!

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We too made a foray into Baby World this weekend. I don't have anything left over from the previous children but a Graco Pack 'n' Play and a couple random receiving blankets; I never expected to have any more children! Anyway, we went to Babys R Us to check out the car seats. Lord above. I had no idea there was this new LATCH system. I do have a book called Baby Bargains, which is sort of a Consumer Reports for products, so after eyeballing all the stuff, I went back and read up on what they recommend. Guess what? It's too complicated to recommend anything! Sigh.

I was also suprised to find that the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is not available in retail stores! Babies R Us said they quit carrying it two years ago, try Sears. Sears' baby department was abysmal! Two cribs, one of them being a Jenny Lind (the cheapie one) and about two strollers and four or five car seats. Well thank God for the Internet.

Does anyone else watch those childbirth programs on Discovery or Discovery Health? If not, my advice is DON'T. It's Intervention Central. I couldn't believe all the "necessary" monitoring and the epidurals and *surprise* C-sections.
Geez, don't they GET IT? I think my blood pressure can't take watching any more of the programs. At the same time, I wanted my DH to see the births, since he's not experienced it before. You just can't win.

My next purchase, for sure, is a body pillow. I am miserable at night, and it's certainly only going to get worse. Does anyone have one? Any recommendations on which is best?
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Ellen - the good thing about all those birth shows is that I trained my dh by watching them with him. Now he can watch them and say, "Oh, that is horrible!" "Look what they are doing!" "Stop yelling at her to PUSH!" :LOL
I just got a coupon code from Baby Marketplace for 15% off AIO dipes. Let me know if you're interested.
LOL! Oh, yes, the new latch system on carseats! We got a new seat for my youngest several months ago, so we have one in each car, and it took me days of struggling to get the hang of it. Grrr.

I want to get the sleigh bed co-sleeper, but everyone online is out of stock. The others are all too low to work with my bed.

And, with this pregnancy I decided to just get several new regular pillows, ordered from (cheap! Love that site, checki it out) since the body pillow cases are so hard to find, and they're not as useful later. Plus, it's easier to flip regular pillows over your large self when you roll over! Or, just have a few on either side.
Sarah, oh yes, those shows certainly are educational! Ellen, here's a link to some videos of normal births: I just saw Birth Day and really liked it.
Hello everyone!

It's been a busy day and busy weekend.. no time to chat, but wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone! Sounds like alot of fun stuff going on with you ladies, camping, shopping... school's out.

love to all and happy baby baking!

Anna Banana
oh the baby shows! i am drawn to them and then they piss me off. sarah, my dh too has gotten a good education from hearing me yell at the tv. this weekend i was watching "birth day" on discovery health. this one woman *had* to be induced because she was 39 weeks and the baby "just wasn't coming out."
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I can't stay away from them either. We don't have cable anymore, but when I spend the night at my friend's house, we watch them all Sat morning.
Oh my goodness, am I tired. But we have 57 children on site and all checked in!

I have a body pillow from The Company Store and I love it, although be forewarned, it is quite puffy and warm. Mine is filled with feathers and a smattering of down although you can get it made out of primaloft.

OK, I have work to do and then need to fall into bed.

btw I totally agree with what everyone has said about gender-specific (in this case, boys') clothing. What drives me crazy is that the simpler something is, the more expensive it seems to be - like Hanna Andersson or Lands' End clothing, or the Baby Bjorn Baby Bouncer/Sitter that costs $85 while a totally overstimulating plasticed-up Fisher Price one costs $20. As Jo puts it, "you're penalized for having good taste".

There's ice cream tonight, I wish that I were able to stay up for it but I'm pretty sure I will be wiped out by then.


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I here pay the price for having good taste! LOL!
I have a penchant for european baby/kids clothing.
"My" sales lady at our local Oilily store calls me and taunts me with the sales, and cute new things that come in...she's funny....she has a thick accent, and kind of reminds me of Cruella DeVille.
And she knows I can't *really* afford to shop there... but she loves to taunt me none-the-less. I do justify shopping there once or twice a year with the fact that I can resell the clothes on eBay once we are done with them, and I can usually make 1/2-3/4 of my money back.

Where is this camp again? Is it Concordia language camp?

Yep, those baby shows kill me. But they are so dang appealing at the same time. I watch and HOPE for a normal birth!
What kills me even more is another pregnancy board I frequent.
Sometimes it drives me so nuts that I want to just not go there anymore.
But, I have to spread the word about alternatives as far as birth goes, even though I may not follow all of them myself.

I got a little baby beanie hat in the mail is black, and in little silver lettering it says "Boob Man" it!
Like father, like son!
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