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Hi ladies,
I'm new here and have been reading all the boards trying to educate myself. I am only about 5wks and I'm so overwhelmed. This is my first and it doesn't even seem quite real. I'm hoping to make some good friends on the board and prepare myself for motherhood. I live in West LA and would love to hear from everyone.
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Hi Katherine!! Come and join us on the LA mamas thread! It's been a little slow lately but it's a wonderful bunch of mommas. There are a lot of us in West LA, too.

Oh, congrats on your little bean!! I'm due with #2 any moment now and would have loved to have had MDC when I had my first. You're giving yourself a great gift in finding support now
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Here's the link --

That's for the LA Moms June thread ... we start a new one every month, sometimes twice a month.

I'm in Ventura County, but have met some of the LA moms. Hope we're going to have another gathering before too much longer...
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