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New laptop: PC or Mac?

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I have always been pro PC. They are so much cheaper and I figure we destroy our laptops fairly quickly since they are used and dropped and drooled on, etc.

But lately I have been wondering about Macs. I have started an Etsy and I have heard photo editting, etc (which I am now doing for the first time) is so much easier on a Mac.

And it would be nice to get out of the "throw away" mentality with computers.

And it would be nice to not have to devote so much time to maintaining virus protection.

But Macs are such an unknown to me, and PC's are so much cheaper... Thoughts?
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What is your budget??? That is a HUGE factor in choosing a computer.
What would we like to spend? 700 or less.

We have the money to spend more if I can be convinced it is worth it. If we are going with a PC though, I don't know why we would need to spend more.
How about neither?
I/we have a System 76 laptop which is based on Ubuntu Linux - a free operating system. Since the software is free, your only paying for teh actual hardware. I think their laptops start under $700, but its been a while since I looked.

Linux selling points:

1) Software is FREE. Forever. All upgrades are Free. New versions are FREE. Everything is FREE.

2) No worries about virus', spyware, adware, etc. Because it just doesn't exist for linux. Surf without worries.

3) Did I mention its free? That means your not paying M$ or Apple or anyone else (Symantec, etc) for software. You use open source stuff. Firefox, OpenOffice, etc. Tis fantastic. Check'm out!

System 76 -

Ubuntu -
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We are saving up for a mac. I am hoping our pc lasts until we can pay for it outright. I am so sick of our pc crashing severly every six months, paying sooo much money all the time for spyware and other protection and having to spend hours on the phone with tech support with issues that come up and they always come up.
My friends have macs and are super happy with them. One friend has a 7 year old laptop that is still going strong. We are lucky now to have so many hard drive options becasue with photos and music, we need a lot of space.
I figure it is going to be around 2000 for the one I want. We spent more than that on our 3.5 year old pc desktop.
I LOVE my Mac! My husband is a student so we only paid 800.00 dollars for it! I would never go back!
I'm a longtime Linux user, and currently use a Mac at home. I do not recommend Linux. It's fantastic for a lot of things, but there's something of a learning curve. If you're interested in free software, try out the Gimp for Windows, use Firefox/Thunderbird for web browsing/email, OpenOffice for word processing, Audacity for sound editing, etc. If you find that you are quite happy with free software, then you can consider Linux.

As to the original question, PC or Mac, consider this:
- Yes, photo and music management on a Mac is far superior to equivalent apps on Windows
- There is a learning curve.
- There is a price premium for a Mac

If you will be annoyed because menu items are all in different places, just get a PC and be done with it. Maybe get a higher-powered one so it will last an extra year or two. One thing you might consider is going to an Apple store and seeing whether you like using the iLife software - they always have laptops and desktops that you can play with, and people knowledgeable in how to use them so you can ask questions. It's a personal question based on personal preferences so your best bet is to try it out and see what you think.
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Ooooo We just switched to a Mac for the first time this year, and I will NEVER go back!
Apple is currently selling their 13" MacBook at $999 (if you don't mind it in white). I just ordered one!!!
We switched to Mac last year and I never want to go back. LOVE my MAC!!!
I've found that Macs are well worth the investment! They do cost a little bit more initially, but there is something to be said for their warranty policy & all of the updates. They are constantly working on their software and fixing the bugs. Also, if you buy the apple care, you have fantastic support for the first 3 years of the computer, which is more than most PC's last in the first place. I was having some problems with one of my USB ports and they replaced over half of the internal structure of the computer & the keyboard, just to make sure that they fixed the problem!

Also, you can go to the refurb link and get a discount.
My Macs have always cost more initially but the service and years used is so far beyond what I ever got out of a PC. I'd save up for a Mac if I were you.
I've always used PCs in the past. We just purchased a MacBook in September and LOVE it soooo much! I would definitely recommend it.
I have a laptop I bought in 2002. It is still going. I had to replace the hard drive because I dropped it off the bed one day, but the Genius Bar guy helped me with it and then he recommended just buying a new drive.

The Genius Bar is worth the extra money. Period.

I will never go back to PC. Apple has been so helpful with everything. They even helped me with my laptop a few months ago when they are not supposed to really help (at the Genius Bar) on anything that is over 7 years old. I have a feeling that is because they still have people coming in with computers that are that old because of an issue (small enough to fix and not go buy another computer) and they can't keep the spare parts for all those computers.

Go with the mac.
I am more than happy with my PC it has vista and I may be the only person on the planet but I like it. super easy to use (except it won't run some of our older software). I love love my lap top (dell inspiron) pretty, inexpensive, good size, not too much but not too little ya know. I guess it just depends on what you are doing but I use this mostly for putzing around, watching movines and managaing my etsy sight. oh and it was $499 plus $150 for a 2 year total warrenty and free battery replacement.
I am currently a Mac girl. So, my opinion may be bias, but I was also in the same boat as you. I started out wit a PC and wondered if a Mac would be better. You can easily find a PC laptop at Walmart for around 400 to 600 dollars. My little brother, cousin, and aunt all go their laptops there for 395. Even though Macs cost a whole lot more (thank god to discounts), they last much long, more durable, and virus free. With a PC, you replace it maybe every year or every twice a year. With Macs, I know people who have had their's for at least four. The software is amazing, and you can get Word on it just in case you need it (wouldn't recommend Windows on Mac due to viruses). The software is amazing and their new software for 2009 is very helpful and good to have. In my opinion, a Mac is worth the money to spend because of what your are getting. The package is earth friendly, the OS is amazing, and the features are hands down amazing. When I was trying to make my decision I googled the reviews on both. But there are tons of bias out there, so if you have a Mac store I would recommend going there and playing around and asking questions.

Good luck and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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Apple offers a 5% Small Business Discount, so be sure to mention that you have a small business (whatever you make for etsy) to get the discount.

Originally Posted by ambylove View Post
With a PC, you replace it maybe every year or every twice a year. With Macs, I know people who have had their's for at least four.

I'm on a new computer right now, but next to me is our 2001 (bought as refurbished) G4 iMac which has never had an issue, gets restarted about every six months just to clean up the memory, has needed to be force restarted about twice total and is still perfect, if a tad slow for Skype video. I honestly had no idea that desktops ever needed replacing for any issue other than wanting more speed.
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Thanks for all the replies everyone. I will be sure to keep in mind the 5% small business discount.

I talked to DH about it last night and he was open to spending more on a Mac. His main concern was that apparently the whole "virus free" thing about Macs is no longer as true- as they get more popular, people are writing more viruses for Macs. Anyone have thoughts on that?

I think we will visit the Apple store near us when we get closer to being ready to buy. I am concerned about how big of a learning curve there will be to learn how to use one (especially the wierd mouse) so that might sway us one way or the other.
We own 3 computers (PCs, but not all running windows)
The current price to buy them all new from dell
Netbook $200 (tiny book-sized laptop with huge batterylife, ultra portable)
Laptop $499
Desktop (with 17 inch widescreen flat) $479

total: $1178

Total for 1 macbook (with lower stats than all but the netbook by the way) $1299

It is really hard for me to justify getting a mac.
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