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New London CT Homebirth Meeting

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Join us for the next Homebirth Information Meeting!

Tuesday, June 14
Creations Wholistic Wellness Center
300-302 State Street, Suite 214, New London, CT
For more information, call 860-889-9644 or email [email protected]
UFMC is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving midwives and the women and families who choose their care.
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I just saw this post and was wondering how many moms are in the area. We'll be moving there in November and would love to connect with like minded individuals.
There are several of us (tho not all of them post on mdc) if you are interested there are a few yahoogroups
thecrunchycrew -- the title says it all

grotonplaygroup -- this group is mainly navy wives but there are non military families also. there are a few crunchies (like me lol) and a few mainstreamers but we all blend very well.

Are you transfering military? trying to imagine any other reason for coming to groton
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I'll check out those yahoo groups. My husband just joined the navy. He'll be going to bootcamp in august and then get stationed to the sub base in groton. We enjoy natural foods, hiking, outdoors. I have a 25 month year old she weaned at about 21 months, Non-vaccinated. We're also christians. That's just a little about us. I'd like to get to know you all. we'll probably be there around Nov.1
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