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New Magazine on the stands

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There is a premiere issue of a magazine on the newsstands now called "Wondertime" it's from a very mainstream publisher- but the cover and featured articles looked really nice- almost like "Mothering" meets "Living"... anyway- I picked up the mag and flipped it open to find, of course, the obligatory formula ad, so I shut it right away and placed it back on the rack.

I'm going to let them know exactly why I didn't buy their premier issue.

Anyway- I don't want to flood their editorial offices with hot letters- but I think it would be great if somehow the Mothering subscribership could communicate to this publisher "Nice try, but no dice."
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I did the same thing! Did you find an address? Can anyone contact about this?
I took a subscription card which has the addy:

PO box 37402
Boone IA 50037-2402

But I think that's just a mega subscription handler- I think if you want to contact someone who'd care you'd need to write to the editor and cc it to the advertising director.

There is a I'm planning to scan for better contact info.
I looked through it while visiting a bookstore. Thought there was nothing too new or exciting for a veteran parent. Think maybe they are trying to target too many audiences - both natural living and mainstream and not sure if that is possible. Although, like myself and I am sure others, I am not 100% on either extreme. I am pretty sure it is the same publishers as Family Fun.

Warm wishes,
I just googled their website and they are owned by Disney. They are looking for parent contributions about family traditions. Maybe we should all write about natural traditions (natural birth, breastfeeding, non-vaxing, intactism, etc.). Here is the link
From the website-

"Our hope is that Wondertime will serve as a community for like-minded parents who want to revel in the simple joys of raising a child, and to see the world as our children do--as an awe-inspiring place. To that end, we want to hear from moms and dads across the country. Your comments and suggestions are helpful to us in planning future issues, and in making sure we're on the right track. Please send your thoughts our way to [email protected]."
OK- here is my letter- I attached a picture of the mama goat with her baby which you can see at my blog- it's a really pretty "wondertime" picture. (IMHO)

Dear Wondertime,

I am a homeschooling mother of three and our world is indeed full of wonder. Yesterday our family witnessed the birth of twins to our pet angora Nanny.

Later in the day I was drawn to your premier issue at the newsstand and thought that it seemed like the perfect magazine for me. The cover articles all were so appealing. I opened your magazine to a full page ad for artificial breastmilk substitute. Your only chance to make a first impression unfortunately was in violating a code of marketing set forth by the World Health Organization. I sadly closed the magazine without looking further and placed it back on the shelf.

If you would like to read more about this code it's full text can be found in a PDF file at the website of the World Health Organization.
Another publication, "Selling Out Mothers and Babies" thoroughly explains how public health is undermined by sophisticated corporate competition against breastfeeding. Advertising designed to shape public opinion in favor of artificial feeding as equal or superior is encouraged by participation of magazines such as yours.

A policy to abide by the WHO code would set your magazine apart from your competitors. There are several public service campaigns which promote breastfeeding to the benefit of mothers, babies and public health. Featuring these positive messages along with refusal to host messages which undermine breastfeeding would go a long way to repairing the social damage which is done on a daily basis.

Unfortunately due to the biological facts, once lost, the ability to breastfeed is rarely regained. For this reason it should be understood that there is no level playing field between methods to feed a baby. The field is like a sheet of ice that is steeply tipped toward the coffers of these corporate giants. A mother who has lost the ability to breastfeed has no freedom to turn away from her dependence on the expensive and inferior products which replaced her breastmilk. Please show your support for mothers and babies and refuse to participate in this unfair pitch.

Yours Truly, Sarah
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Great letter!!
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Because there was only 1 formula related ad in the whole thing. Most of the articles were great. Now, I would rather see no formula ads whatsoever in a baby/children mag, but at least most of what they had to say in it was good. Seemed geared twoards very child centered families (turning diningroom into playroom, etc.)

I'm glad you wrote that letter. I was planning to do so as well.
Just wanted to add my .02!

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