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New mama behind our house

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Our neighbor came by and informed me that a mama cat and her kittens (omg they're so cute) moved from outside her apartment to behind our place. We have a back patio, and we had a board propped up against the side of the house, and separating half the board from the house are 4 concrete cylanders (don't ask!). They have found some shelter behind the board.

This afternoon, I noticed that the mother cat when to look for food, and left the baby kittens behind. I couldn't see the kittens behind the board, and was afraid that the board might fall on them, or not provide enough space for the mom cat (it looked like a tight fit) so I added another cylander. Now, there is more space, there is still shade, but they don't have a "roof" for their house anymore, so to speak. Is this bad? SHould I cover it with something, or leave it alone? Should I put it back the way it was?

I don't have any cat food or tuna, but I did have some chicken breast, so I cut it into small pieces and left it out, with some water. Do you think she'll eat it?

I haven't had pets since I was a kid, but I feel this connection with these cats. What can I do to help them? We're leaving them alone so that we don't scare them, and I've only let the kids see them a couple of times.

They are so sweet.
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I don't know about the shelter situation but if you want to do these cats a favor and the feral cat population in general, try to capture them (or have a professional do it) and bring them in to get spayed or nutered. Maybe you could even try to find the kittens a home. (Maybe one could end up in yours?
)If they're young enough, they should adapt to humans pretty well, mama cat probably won't, but you can stop her from increasing the feral cat population.
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Outdoor cats experience a lot of dangers and diseases. Bring them in your house and raise them. Is mama cat friendly?
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