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new mattress

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We are going to be buying a new mattress soon and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a 'natural' mattress without the nasty synthetic stuff that is unhealthy. We have a 6-month old who sleeps with us in bed.

I've seen some mattresses on the web, but it seems weird to buy a mattress without trying it out. Thanks.

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if you don't mind my jumping in here...

we're also on the hunt for a mattress. baby is coming in november, and we plan to share the bed. we've looked at a couple mattresses made with natural latex and a wool top... and also at the tempurpedic (not natural!)

our biggest concern is safety for a newborn - i.e. whether a wool top, or the tempurpedic would present a suffocation hazard. the range of opinions i've seen out there (and from searching this board) is quite varied... all the way from "waterbeds are ok but not great" to "you must sleep on a mat on the floor with no pillows" i'm sure the truth for us is somewhere inbetween... but we're not sure whom to trust. side-sleeping on a futon is just killing me these days! and DH has back problems, so we want a mattress that will help that, too.

anyway, jessi - here's a link i collected about natural latex mattresses:

and if anyone has any info/advice for me, i'd appreciate it! thanks!

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