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OK, I know this is a strange post for a new member. I actually joined MDC just so I could respond to a post a member wrote 6 years ago about these pants (see here:; although, I'm finding this forum to be a wonderful one!

Anyway, about 5 years ago I bought a pair of gray stretchy workout pants from Target. They are Prospirit brand, and it looks like the tag says they are 51% cotton, 41% polyester, 5% spandex. I'm having a hard time making out the product number, as the tag is faded. They're legs are fitted in the hip (but not too snugly) and go pretty much straight down from there. I wore these pre-pregnancy, pactically lived in them through my first pregnancy, and I'm wearing them right now, even though they've gotten stretched out and gained a few holes in on-so-flattering places. I need a new pair (or several) of these pants for pregnancy#2, but I can't find them ANYWHERE! Help??

Does anyone know where I can find these pants--new or used??? They are the only pant I've found that are cute on me and comfortable pre-pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy that actually fit me in both width and length (I'm 5'9", so pants are usually too short for me. I've got a smaller waist but a good sized caboos, which most other workout pants I've tried don't accommodate--either too big in the waist or too small in the rear, and almost always too short). I'm seriously regretting not buying 5 pairs of these when I first found them. I didn't realize at the time how much I'd love and wear them and how well they would double as the most awesome maternity pants ever. I've looked all over the internet and in Target stores for these pants but no one seems to have them. If you've got any info that could help me find them, PLEASE send it my way!! I know this sounds silly--there are plenty of good pants out there--but these are the only ones I've found that fit me right in the length, the waist, and the rear (all over, really) and are under $20 and last for years of hard use. Please help me find these pants.
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