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Baby was born last monday. I had a normal vaginal delivery with an episiotomy. Today I noticed a big piece of swollen flesh coming out of my vagina. It does not hurt and goes back in when I push on it. It does not seem to be related to the epi. Lochia seems normal, still bright red and flow has stayed steady for about the past week, like that of a normal period. What is this piece of flesh and should I be worried about it? I have also been having a lot of pelvic aching around where your legs meet your pelvis. anybody else have this?
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I have no idea what that is but I sure hope someone here can help,I would just go to my dr.
Could you possibly be having a prolapse? I would recomend being seen by whoever does your care, just to be safe.
Sounds like a prolapse to me. Have your caregiver check it out.

Namaste, Tara
whoa, i'd be totally freaked out if i noticed something like that! you sound so calm!
my 1st thought was also "prolapsed uterus". I definitely think you should get it checked out. good luck, i hope everything turns out just fine!
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I agree with the pps. Sounds like prolapse to me. I'd get it checked out right away. Good luck.
it could also be a rectocele or a cystocele, both are normal and common after birth.

I'm sorry you had an episiotomy.
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