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New Mom in Aurora, IL

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Hi, I'm a new mom of a 1 year old son and a baby due in January in Aurora, IL. I am looking for other AP parents to talk with an exchange info. Particularly I am looking for an AP, Non-immunizing friendly pediatrician in the area. I am tired of fighting with my sons doctor and would like to have a doc who supports mine and my husbands wishes. My son has a long history of medical problems and am desperately looking for help.


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Hi there
My DH and I are from a small town near there and we are currently living in Iowa while my DH finishes up chiropractic school. We are actually looking into opening his practice in Aurora possibly on Orchard Rd. We will be heading back to the area in the near future and are there lots visiting family. My DS is turning one on 10-23. We are non-immunizing as well and will be looking for a ped too. If I hear of any I will let you know. If you could do the same I would really appreciate it.

Landon 10-23-02
Homefirst Family Practice is in Naperville - not too far from Aurora.


Thanks El for the link. I have talked with homefirst and they are my ideal but unfortunately they only take HMO Illinois and we have another insurance company. If I'm still with my company come next insurance options period, I'm switching! I kick myself all the time for not switching last June/July.
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Megan, just wanted to let you know that there is a health food store out here, Fruitful Yield, that keeps a book on "homeopathic" doctors. I called a few and most either don't take insurance or only take a Blue Cross/Blue Shield Insurance (BC/BS, HMO IL, and Blue Advantage). Just thought I'd give you the heads up!
Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. If you end up going to anyone let me know how it goes. We should be moving back into the area in the next couple of months so any info is great. We recently went to Whole Foods in Wheaton which is awesome but to far away. I wish they would open one closer. Does Fruitful Yield have a good selection?

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