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Congratulations & welcome. I wish I had been as savvy as you and many others here in looking into different birthing options.
I second the earlier recommendations of Ina May Gaskin's books, and recommend having your partner and any other support folks read them too if the book speak to you. Another very readable book is "The Baby Catcher" by midwife Peggy Butcher.
I had two natural births at Alta Bates hospital in Berkeley, CA. My decision to go the hospital route was entirely based on financial/ insurance ease - you just can't beat a $10 co-pay! If you end up going the hospital route for these reasons, but know you want a more natural birth I think it is super important to have a clear birth plan and to have your partner/ support folks assist you in advocating for the type of birth you want. In my case I shared my plan with my OB ahead of time and was prepared knowing rates of c-sections, pain meds and other interventions for both my OB and the hospital, and all went well - especially the second time round. Good luck!
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