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New Momma here....

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Hello everyone, I hope I am allowed to come over here since I formula fed my son's 10 months of his life, I started breastfeeding when he was a new born, but Mikey wouldn't latch on due to a mistake the hospital made, they bottle fed him, when they knew I was a breastfeeding mom, while I was waking up from my c-section, so they went ahead and fed Mikey the bottle, and from that moment breastfeeding was a huge struggle, he didn't want my breast, he wanted the nipple of the bottle. When we have a second child, I sure will be more prepared for situations as this one, and make sure that NO ONE will bottle feed my son unless I tell them too
I just hope I am allowed to join this board, I don't know if there are any FF mommies out here???

I have been on many messageboards, but for some reason people always seem to think they need to be drama queens, and can't respects someones opinion. SO I have been looking for boards who does let you have an opinion and not get personally attacked by it. And from what I have been reading here, this is the place I need to be

Anyways, I'll start by introducing myself ;-)

I am Ann, 24 years old, I was born & raised in The Netherlands, Europe, I moved to America 2 years a go to be with my loving husband, Mike, whom I met online. Still to this day, we are so much in love & so very happy. He just joined the militairy, and left for Basic Training Aug. 27th. He is going to come home sooner than we thought though, he got badly injured during his training, and got achilles tendonitis in his ankles. He hasn't been able to do anything for a while now. So hopefully he'll be home SOON!

I am the stay-at-home-mommy to a wonderful boy, he means the world to me :) Mikey was born on Oct. 8th 2002, he is 12 months old, and weights 25 lbs!!He is our pride & Joy!!!

I gotta go for now.

I really can't wait to get to know all of you ;-)

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Welcome to the boards. I'm sorry the hospital screwed up your nursing relationship.
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You are more than welcome here!! No need to worry about that!

Happy posting! I think you'll like it here a lot!

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Hey Ann

Welcome to MDC. While there is plenty of drama here, it is pretty easy to avoid on such a large board. We have a lot of members who could not nurse, i am sure you will find lots of support
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~ Hi Ann ~

My first was strictly formula fed.
My second mostly breastfed. When he was about 10 mo he wouldn't stop the biting so he ended up with formula during the day beacuse I was just to afraid all the time of being bit! I bf him only during sleepy times till he was one.
The one cooking in the oven: I plan to bf.
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It can be very frustrating to have the hospital do that, they think they are helping but don't realize the pain they inflict. Glad you have a healthy son

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hi ann.

welcome to MDC, i am new here too. i also had a problem with latching on in the hospital with me dd.she has been formula fed all of her 7 1/2 months. hope that you like it here.

mommy to savannah 3/12/03
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I am new too, and I also started on other boards and hope this place will soon become my home. I had a similiar situation with my three year old, I was told by the doctor that nursing was really a waste of time and that I wasn't going to be good at it anyway, that I needed to give my son a bottle Stupid me, did what he said. BUT...I have a little girl now that is breastfed...the second time's a charm. Anne
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