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New...more help please...

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Okay, I've been doing a lot of 'shopping around' for CD and I think I've finally settled on getting some CPF and some Bummis. I'm kind of liking Bummins because of the weight range, DS is now just under 16lbs so they should fit him for a good while.

Here's what I'm figuring on getting and ya'll can tell me if it's good enough or if I'll need more...7 Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers and 2 Doz CPF

Does anyone have bad problems with Bummis? DS is a VERY healthy poo'er
and I worry about him leaking out (he blows out the back of DD's all the time...not so much the legs, usually the back)


Do Bummis work for night or should I get something else?

Thank-you soooo much for all your help!!
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How old is your ds?

4 mos
Okay, 4mo and 16lbs... Chunky thighs?

I have a peanut and Bummis just didn't fit him right (and didn't breathe as well as our other covers) so I didn't like them. But they definitely work well. I prefer Mother-Ease Air Flow Covers and they work and age really well. One complaint I have heard is that they don't work as well as other covers for chunky-thighed babies.
People also like Proraps, and you can get seconds for $3-$4 through their 800 number.

Anyway, 7 covers sounds like enough, but if your regular pooper does his thing more than 4-5 times a day you may want to get a few more covers. Pretty much any cover will work overnight, as long as you have enough absorbency in the diaper.

2 dozen prefolds... that's a good start, but may only last you a day and a half. When we switched to cloth when ds was 5mo, we went through 12-15 diapers a day. 3 dozen would be a better number for you so you dont have to wash every day (just every other day unless you have a really busy day), and 4 dozen is a good number to have a nice washing day buffer. They also don't all have to be prefolds, you can mix and match as you want (we have a bunch of prefolds and a dozen AIO's).

Did that help any?

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Thanks! That helps a ton! I guess I'll go for 3 doz...I usually do a load of laundry a day anyway, but weekends might throw me off.

DS is pretty thick thighed though, and poops about 3-4 times a day
I like bummis with prefolds on an older baby. Get a medium, since they run big. My daughter wre the med till she pottytrained at 27 lbs.
I would not use the bummis at night. I'd recommend a nice wool cover like Sugarpeas. You can get all that at , I like shopping from there.
Good luck!
What about using wool at night? Sorry if it's been said, I just skimmed through. It's breathable and repels water so it holds it in (something like that but I know it holds it in lol)
chickadee knits is a good place.
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I may get flamed for this, but solid color Happy Heineys and stuffins work great at night for me.
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