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new mothers in harford county?

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looking for new mothers or mothers of children under 1 yr to possibly start a group in harford county.
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I'm in Edgewood. I have a 5.5 yo, 3.5 yo and a 10mo. We're only here until January when we're moving to Hawaii (dh is army) but we'd meet up with you sometime before that if you get something going
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That would be great! I would love to connect with other mothers in the area. Are you home during the day? What is your schedule like?
Hi Shannon and Kerry,
I would like to get together with you two also.
Hi guys
We've been on vacation, but we're back now and would love to play! I work p/t in the evenings, but my days are usually free. Let's meet at a playground or something. Any suggestions?
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Hi Shannon,
Kerry and I talked over email about maybe meeting for lunch somewhere. (Pats I think.) I'm open to what ever though. What would be easier for you since you have older children?
dear kerry,
thanks a lot for getting us all together. it was really fun and i learned a lot from everyone.
esp nice to meet garret, jonas and benny too!
shall we do it again next tuesday? is bel air okay? or is another meeting time / place better for other mamas? would love to include more - maybe we can even plan to meet outdoors with an indoor back-up location.

It was great to meet. I love meeting new people, especially other mothers. Yes lets do it next Tuesday. If its nice maybe we can meet at the park. Let me know what you think.

I had a good time also.

Tuesday next week works for me!

I only have one week open in Aug so it would be nice to meet next weeks. We should all bring our baby carriers so we can see the differant types.

Do you have a direct email that I could send to? It would be easier to send to you and Dawn and the same time. On Thurday maybe we could meet around 12pm. Dawn has an appointment at 11:15. I have to work later that afternoon, so I would need to be home by 2pm. Would that work for you?

Dawn, would that work for you??

I also think its a great idea to bring our carriers. I am waiting to get my new baby ergo. I hope it will be easier on my back.

That is good for me. I'll bring my carriers. I was looking at the ergo one on a site. Expensive! I hope you like it. It looks interesting
Are you guys meeting in the same place again? I agreed to watch a friend's kids that morning and would be late, but we could drive over there when we're done.
Glad you found us Shannon. I haven't heard for sure but I *think* we are meeting at the library again. It would be good to stay inside because of all of this rain we have been having
Cool. It'll be close to 1 before I could get there. I'll just plan on taking the kids over there and if you guys are gone already, I'll catch up with you next time. If you're still there, great!
Shannon- I'm sorry we missed you. Did you make it to the library? We were outside on the benches. I'm sorry if you didn't get my email in time that we would probably be out there.

Everyone, we should try to compile an email list so we can quickly email everyone about when/where to meet. There are two moms on the board who are moving to the area soon! Aravinda and I also meet a women today with 2 children at the library. We got her email address. So we have 8 people now (if I counted right.)

-Kery's neighboor (sorry I can't remember your name)

-The lady from the library- I can't remember her name right now either.

My email is [email protected]
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Quick, someone start a yahoo group!

I didn't make it yesterday, the mama who I was babysitting for didn't come back until later and the kids were WORE out from playing with their friends.

my email is [email protected]
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I have been so grateful to find this small community, and although I have not met anyone face to face, I would like to start a yahoo group so that we can all communicate easily....what do you think?

My computer will be in for upgrades next week, but I can use my neighbor's until I get it back. I should be able to set things up tonight or tomorrow depending on our decision.

Please let me know if I am jumping in too quickly, I am just so excited to find other like minded mamas in my new area...there are none like us in my current neighborhood!

Oh yes...I will be in the area on August 10th...what are your plans everyone? I have to meet with our builder for a get together in the evening, but I can come up before it and meet everyone!

Take care mamas!
Carla (and Aaron, Xavier, and Ezra....)
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I too thought that a Yahoo group would be a good idea. It will make it easier to email everyone at once.

This should be fun.

Carla- I'm doing respite care for most of Aug in Crofton. So unfortunatly I'm working that day.

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I am not feeling very creative, and I wanted to ask everyone for their input regarding a non-threatenting, cool, hip, yahoo group name before I set things up....(no pressure, ladies...heeheee!)

APmumsinharfordcounty? APformeandymyfamily? (hmmm...that's catchy...)worksforusinharfordcounty? no-the-sling-does-not-hurt-his-legs??(Just kidding!)

Your ideas are appreciated, ladies! Have a great evening!
... might be easier for others to find on yahoo

and i would be more likely to join / tell friends about something with a simple easily understood name ...

the description of the group can tell all about the slings, cloth, etc ...

just a suggestion!

molly (used to live in maryland ... hoping to move back .... have fun on the 10th!)
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