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Just found this on our school website:<br><br>
1. When do the new regulations go into effect?<br>
The new regulations go into effect at the start of next school year, September 2009 per 28 PA. CODE CH. 23.<br><br><br>
2. Will my child be allowed to begin seventh grade (and beyond) in September 2009?<br>
Your child will NOT BE ALLOWED TO ENTER 7th grade (and beyond) unless proof of immunization from both meningitis (Menactra or MCV) and pertussis (TdaP) is on record in the nurse’s office of your child’s middle school. There is one exception: your child would be given a temporary medical exemption for the TdaP requirement, if it has been less than 5 years since their last tetanus booster.<br><br><br>
3. Will my child be allowed to enter any other grade except 7th grade if they have less than:<br>
* 2 doses of varicella (chicken pox) vaccine or documented history of the disease (new)<br>
* 2 doses of mumps vaccine (new; many will have had in 2nd MMR already)<br>
* 4 doses of tetanus vaccine<br>
* 4 doses of diphtheria vaccine<br>
* 3 doses of polio vaccine<br>
* 2 doses of measles vaccine<br>
* 1 dose of rubella vaccine<br>
* 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine?<br><br>
They will be allowed to enter, but will be issued a temporary Provisional Status letter which assigns a set date for completion. This Provisional Status follows the students to any other school in the Commonwealth. Your child will be excluded at that stated date if vaccines are still incomplete.<br><br>
4. What if I am not sure what the school nurse has on file already?<br>
Simply call your child’s school and ask to speak with the nurse. Nurses will be sending home explicit letters with any vaccine information that is missing for your child, if that is the case.<br><br><br>
5. Are religious exemptions still being accepted?<br>
Yes, the Department of Health and Department of Education require WCASD to accept a written statement from parent for religious objections.<br><br><br>
6. Are medical exemptions still being accepted?<br>
Yes, we will accept a physician’s written letter requesting and explaining the need for medical exemption.<br><br><br>
Looks like I'll be filing exemptions for all my kids now (only my 5 yr old currently has one)

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Looks like I'll be filing exemptions for all my kids now (only my 5 yr old currently has one)</div>
My oldest two girls are fully vaxed (as of now, they haven't added those to our schedule yet) and I have been filling out religious exemptions for them since we moved to Oregon. Although the school does have their shot records as well.

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Spinoff, sort of.<br><br>
I would love to know more. My currently un-vaxed oldest will be starting kindergarten next year. How easy is it to get the religious exemption? How easy is it to do just the TdaP vaccine (unofficially, I guess) and still get the exemption.<br><br>
Argh! I wish there were a way to do selective vaccines. With the religious exemption it will only be all-or-nothing, I imagine. I'm not opposed to the idea of vaccines, but every time I read about the pros and cons, vaccines just end up not sounding like a good idea.<br><br>
More spinoff - why is it that most vaccine books (like Cave's) discuss the troubles with vaccines, but then end with a recommended schedule? Does Cave really end up recommending vaccines? (I only skimmed Cave's book, I read Neustader (?)'s book in full.)<br><br>
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