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New part time cd from MA

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I am brand new to cloth diapering, started yesterday actually! I'm a bit more than confused to say the least! LOL I'm glad I've found this site, though I'm still a bit lost here as well!

I'm in MA and the mom to a 10 month old daughter. I had no clue how amazing cloth diapers were these days and hadn't even given them a thought until a friend of mine starting selling them.

I do have some general questions and I'm not sure where the best Q&A for cd's is located...can someone direct me?

Kerri from western MA
Mom to Olivia!
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Look under the Natural Family Living forum. Cloth-diapering forum is under that major heading. Just scroll down the main forum page a bit and you should see it. Sorry I don't know how to link you!

Oh, and welcome! CDing is what brought me to MDC, too!
I just found this website,, and she's in Mass. and will come to your home to do cloth diaper workshops!
Welcome! I'm new too, and the CD board here is what brought me as well. These mamas are very, very helpful, so ask all your questions. Beware, though: CD is a known addiction. It creeps up on you... enjoy!
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Welcome! Another recommendation for Zannadu - I've only mail ordered from her, but she has great customer service!
Thanks so much for all of the warm welcomes and referrals to the Zannadu. She isn't very far from me and appears to have a great selection.

I've been poking around here for the past couple of days and must say my head is spinning! LOL I've been looking up care instructions and it seems above all else, do what works best for you! Otherwise it seems no two people do their washing/rinsing/stripping/rinsing/stripping and more rinsing the same

I'm a bf'ing mom as well and even though I've been lost in the diapering section for the past few days I hope to eventually make my way to that forum!

Lots of great information here and I am happy to have been directed to this site! I've already told at least 2 others about it!

And by the way, I'm already addicted to the cloth and have only used them for one day so far!
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w e l c o m e !
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Welcome to MDC!

Our smiles don't work today so just imagine me sending you a great big wave.

Come and visit the Vaccine Forum.
We're a great bunch of crunchy momas. Thumbs up!
Hello I am in western/central MA and a cloth diapering addict to my little mathias!! Where are are you if you don't mind me asking I am in Palmer area.
Hi to you and welcome also! I am in Gill, north of you a bit by about an hour or so I would guess. We were in Belchertown a few weeks ago and I'd guess it was close to an hour to get there (I'm thinking Palmer is not far from there???).

On a side note, can someone tell me what the heck kwim means? I'm usually good about figuring out these abbreviations, but this one has me STUMPED!!!
Welcome. I'm another newbie to CDs. I'm over here in Pepperell though.
kwim = know what I mean


Originally Posted by DBZ
Welcome. I'm another newbie to CDs. I'm over here in Pepperell though.
kwim = know what I mean

Ahhhhhh! Thanks so much, that one has been really bugging me!! Been driving me bonkers for days! Its nice to see so many from MA on this forum!
Welcome to MDC!
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Yes, Gill is about an hour north of me (Belchertown is very close to me) We love to go to Northhampton out your way!!
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