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I work 2 days a week and have since DD was about 6 weeks old. She is now 20 mos. MY MIL has always watched her and DD seems to love going over there (I don't but she does
) That is until last week. MIL picked up DD as usual in the AM but when she brought her back home MIL told me that DD was not acting herself and was very upset when MIL mentioned a boo boo that DD had on her knee. DD had that boo for at least a day and never even really paid any attention to it. So the next day DD has to go to MIL's again only this time she becomes hysterical. IT was heart wrenching to have MIL take my sobbing baby from me as she called, "mommy ...noooooo" but I hadto go to work. When I got home DH told me that DD was in and out upsetness at IL's but FIL let her watch Clifford on TV which she liked.
DD has been she wont even let DH look at her and is stuck to me like glue. She was like that since Thurday afternoon. I have to go into work today (extra shifts to makemoney for vaca) and am nervous about leaving her again. I pikced up 2 extra shifts before I knew DD was going to get so upset. Anyway this new behavior is the complete opposite of how she used to be. She was always VERY freindly and her daddy was the king of the world. I was just wondering you think it is a normal stage for a now 20 month old or do think something happend at IL's. I don't mean anything horrible they love her very much. I was just thinking that if maybe MIL tried to clean the boo boo and it stung than DD could be reacting to that. I think MIL wiuld not to tell me if she did do somehting b/c likes to act like she is sooo perfect.
Also how is the gentle way to say goodbye to a very sad little girl? Ihave been told to leave just matter of factly but softie tht I am I couldn't do it and cried with DD telling not worry that she would have fun and mommy would be home very soon.
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