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Disney Learning Activity Box Set<br><br>
Pre-K ages 3 and up<br><br>
includes: all winnie the pooh themed!<br><br>
* 4 workbooks that will give your child school-readiness practice through skills based activities...they include (numbers and counting, shapes and sizes, letters of the alphabet, and colors)<br><br>
*4 packs of learning game cards that teach and develop pre-school and fine motor skills they include..(poohs go together game, poohs colors and shapes, poohs first words, and poohs number match)<br><br>
*over 200 reward stickers<br><br>
*4 colorful crayons<br><br>
$20ppd paypal funded or cc<br><br><br>
ISO: medium or large AIO's, XL ring sling, XL Mei Tei
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