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New much washing?

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Hi! I know with UBPF's you need to wash several times before they fluff & get more absorbant, but do you wash, dry, wash, dry, or wash wash wash? So many instructions!
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Wash & dry 5-6 times for best absorbancy. They will get softer & more absorbant.
I hate doing so much washing so I boil for 20 mins with a tsp of dish detergent then I wash in the washing machine on hot with no detergent, toss in the dry and VIOLA! They are nice and absorbant.
I'm so impatient, I need to be able to use my dipes as soon as they are in my hot little hands
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I don't have a pot that big, LOL. I could maybe get 4 in a pot at a time.
Me neither! Wish I did sometimes though! LOL - I should have mentioned that I only do a few at a time also...
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