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new pull up??

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Hi I just saw a commercial (I think it was pampers brand) they now have 3 stages of pullups (like we needed more) The last stage is so the child can feel that they are wet and want to potty train. Gee what a novel idea. Wouldnt it be easier to put them in cloth and they can feel that they are wet?
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LMAO, I saw that the other day with my mom, and she said "WOW they FINALLY got a clue", LOL
And cloth you can reuse too!!
What will they think of next? LOL
I tell ya, one day there will be reusable disposables that you just take out the "gel insert" and put in a fresh one, kinda like a disposable pocket in a way, but when they poop in it you throw it all away.

If I didnt feel like throwing up, Id pitch that idea to the disposable companies and see if they buy it, LOL :puke
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