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New raw for retail dairy in Dallas area

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Don't know if this has been posted, a search didn't turn anything up --

A new raw for retail dairy, all Jerseys, has just opened. Located about an hour north of McKinney, producing 75-100 gallons per week. Here's the contact info:

Willow Creek Jerseys
* All Jersey cows
* Pasture fed with small amount of supplemental simple grains
* No hormones, No regular use of antibiotics
* No soybeans
* Clean, contented cows that receive lots of love and attention
* Cows know their names -Pat's been milking this herd for 10 years
* Milk sold in gallon plastic jugs for $6 each
* Pick up milk at the farm, 1 hr northeast of McKinney, Pat can help
set up carpools

Between Dodd City and Windom, TX (just outside of Bonham)

Pat Hunstiger


(no internet connection yet, but hopefully coming soon)
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There is also another certified raw milk dairy that has opened by Sulphur Springs, Tx about an hour east of Dallas. The cows are pasture based and not fed corn or soybean meal. No hormones, no bst no rbst. The dairy is licensed for raw milk and butter sales on the farm. They also have pasturized milk as well as cream, buttermilk, skim milk, whole milk and many flavored yogurts (blueberry, strawberry, peach and blackberry) Everything is done right there on the farm. The farm name is Remember When Dairy 903-681-3123
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