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NEW, SEALED Baby Einstein series DVDs LOWERED PRICE!

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$16 EACH ppd (media mail), will combine shipping!

Baby Bach
Baby Mozart
Baby Beethoven
Neighborhood animals
Worls ANimals
Baby Newton
Baby Shakespeare
Baby Van Gogh

All are brand new, sealed in ther original box.
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I am interested in them but can't paypal till Friday (10/10). If you don't sell them before then, pm me!
Just curious, don't you like Baby Einstein? I don't have anything except for a few books, but I've heard good things. Just wondering!
I love them and so does my son!
But my MIL got us the whole set, because we were missing some and others we had VHS and wanted DVDs (our vcr broke)...but, we got a new vcr and kept the ones we were missing and there you go-here's what is leftover!

I will let you know if I still have them by Friday!
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Lowered price!
Last bump before!
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